Tap into the research findings and related insights with this educational white paper

The hybrid workforce has changed the game for employers that offer benefits, and many organizations find it challenging to provide employees with the benefits they want and need. New research from Employee Benefit News delves into the current state of employer-provided health benefits and provides insights on actions employers should consider when it comes to their benefits strategy.

This data-driven white paper provides highlights of the findings, including:
  • How employers are rethinking their benefits strategy
  • The importance of incentivizing primary and preventive care when crafting a benefits plan
  • Increasing primary care usage by employees
  • The role of primary care providers (PCPs) as the gateway to the healthcare system 

Download this timely resource to better understand what your peers are thinking and doing when it comes to their benefits offerings – and gain actionable takeaways for your own benefits planning process. 

Download the white paper here:

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