Better chronic care management for employees and employers

Over half of adults in the U.S. have been diagnosed with at least one chronic condition. Unfortunately, however, getting the right care for these conditions is often complex, costly, and confusing.

For employers, chronic conditions management is a top priority to improve population health and reduce costs. Employers and benefits leaders are even more worried about chronic condition management than they were before the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in light of the large amount of deferred care over the past year among those with one or more chronic conditions. So, how do we address these concerns and help the 50+% of patients with chronic conditions while helping to reduce costs for employers?

There are many ways to support employees with chronic conditions – the most convenient, cost-effective, and holistic way is through advanced primary care as the single most meaningful driver of behavior change, better outcomes, and cost containment.

Watch our webinar recording to learn:

  • Why is chronic care an important problem to solve

  • How can primary care setting help to address chronic care management more effectively

  • How does this approach help patients and save costs for employers

  • The importance of data integration in chronic care management


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