Wouldn’t it be nice to have one doctor to go to for your health needs? Or at least have a place to start? From chronic conditions to preventive care to mental health, look no further than a primary care provider. Listen to One Medical's primary care provider, Will Kimbrough, MD, to learn how primary care can help you live your healthiest year yet.

Watch the webinar recording to learn:
  • Definition of primary care
  • How you can benefit from primary care
  • Primary care in each stage of life
  • How One Medical can help
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A premium in-network benefit for your team.

One Medical is the fastest-growing primary care practice in the nation. We're a premium healthcare benefit that gives employees access to our network of near-site offices, 24/7 virtual care, and onsite wellness centers. We focus on delivering a modern, people-centered healthcare experience that employees love.


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