The case for putting primary care first

JAMA Case Study: Utilization and Cost of an Employer-Sponsored Comprehensive Primary Care Delivery Model

Primary care in the US if often overlooked and undervalued by both employers and patients. The untapped potential of primary care means there’s a significant opportunity for businesses. By building their benefits strategy on a stronger primary care foundation, employers can control cascading healthcare costs and improve the overall health of their employees — all while building a benefit program that employees will be eager to engage in.

JAMA Open Network's case study aims to investigate and compare the healthcare utilization and cost of an employer-sponsored on-site, near-site, and virtual comprehensive primary care service delivery model with those of traditional community-based primary care.

Download the report to learn how One Medical partnered with an aerospace and manufacturing firm to deliver accessible employer-sponsored primary care services to their employees, resulting in higher employee healthcare engagement and lower health care costs.

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