One Medical Bridges The Gap Between Digital And
Physical Patient Experiences

Forrester Research Case Study

Transforming The Traditional Healthcare Experience

One of the biggest challenges in healthcare today lies in designing a system that meaningfully engages patients and providers. Evolving customer expectations in healthcare are forcing providers to rethink their traditional care models and redesign patient experiences.

As you plan for your 2021 outlook, One Medical can be not only your team's care provider but also actively consult on how to frame your strategy to be impactful. 

This case study by Forrester Research takes a detailed look at how One Medical delivers a seamless patient experience with primary care that is accessible, affordable, and contextual whether the patient is in office or at home.

Forrester interviewed One Medical product leaders to better understand One Medical’s approach to designing best-in-class digital and physical experiences through innovations in digital touch points, process enhancement, and wellness management. 

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Leading companies use One Medical to improve the healthcare experience. 

About One Medical

One Medical is the fastest-growing primary care practice in the nation. We're a premium healthcare benefit that gives employees access to our network of near-site offices, 24/7 virtual care, and onsite wellness centers. We focus on delivering a modern, people-centered healthcare experience that employees love.


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