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Give your employees 24/7 healthcare

One Medical is a technology-powered primary care benefit (and doctor’s office) that’s good for team health and your bottom line. Nonprofit New York and One Medical are teaming up to make it easier for your employees to get comprehensive primary care for the mind and body that they need to stay healthy and happy.

As a valued Nonprofit New York membership organization, you have the opportunity to offer your employees exclusive access to these benefits via One Medical at a discounted rate. This step brings your team closer to enhancing productivity, fostering engagement, and achieving better health outcomes for all.

Join today — at our pre-negotiated discounted rates —and enjoy care designed for real life:

  • Access to offices nationwide - 18 in New York

  • 24/7 virtual care, including Video Chats, via the One Medical app

  • More time with top-rated providers who listen

  • Same/next-day appointments that start on time

  • Online appointment booking and prescription renewal requests via the app or web

Attract & retain employees with a benefit they love
Attract & retain employees with a benefit they love. 72% rate us one of their most valuable benefits.¹
Combining the best of primary care with innovative technology to lower costs over timeCombine the best of primary care with innovative technology to save you 8% in total cost of care.²
Engaging employees to live healthier, more productive lives
Engage employees and encourage them to live healthier, more productive lives with a 90+ net promoter score.³
¹One Medical Member Satisfaction Survey 2019
²Accounts for One Medical’s claim-free virtual services ($40 with comparable providers) and for time saved for employees from One Medical primary care visits (1 hour wait time, travel time) and avoided specialty & ER visits (3 hours for ER; 2 hours for specialty) multiplied by an assumed fully loaded hourly rate of $52. https://www.myuhc.com/content/myuhc/Member/Assets/Pdfs/16-0271_JPMC_Virtual_Visit_FAQ_flyer_LowRes%2010.pdf; American Journal of Managed Care, “Opportunity Costs of Ambulatory Medical Care in the United States”, August 2015; CDC Quick Stats “Median Emergency
³Experience and Engagement data from One Medical 2017-2018, 15 largest clients

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