Supporting employees with a whole health strategy

Mental health and physical health are often viewed as two separate entities in U.S. health care. People see their primary care physician (PCP) for their physical needs and a behavioral health specialist for mental health. The reality is physical and mental health are interconnected. 

Primary care has a central role in integrating care within a health system. It’s the first point of contact in people’s healthcare journey and the entry point for the entire healthcare system. Having a good relationship with a primary care provider delivers continuous and comprehensive care to patients, whether the care required is physical or mental.

When employees have access to quality primary care, they’re treated as a whole person – not separate pieces of a giant puzzle – to get the care they need for their overall health. HR knows better than anyone that happy and healthy employees are productive employees. 

Learn more about how behavioral health benefits integrated into primary care:

  • Support employees' mental health and physical well-being
  • Play a key role in preventive care 
  • Improve healthcare outcomes

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